When shopping online, what is the first thing you notice about the product? Obviously, the images shared by the seller as they help you decide whether it is worth a purchase or not. There is a lot that goes behind grabbing those exquisite pictures for you. This tactic involves clicking pictures of the product to entice customers’ interest.

Since product displays are everywhere, such as brochures, online ads, magazine ads, etc., careful attention must be devoted to the task. Read on with us to learn all about Amazon product photography and how it should be done.

Amazon Product Photography
Amazon Product Photography

Why is Amazon product photography so crucial

For any seller, it is crucial his product gets noticed. When the buyer reaches the product display, he affirms the quality of the product by checking out the pictures. Some other reasons why you have to pay attention to the photos of your product are:

· A high-quality image showcases all the features of the product that the customers want to see.

· Since customers cannot see the object, they need high-quality product photography to ensure this is what they are looking for.

· Customers view the images even before checking the features, so they should be eye-catching.

· Multiple high-resolution images make the customer trust in your product.

How you can optimize your Amazon product photography

We have told you why Amazon product photography is essential. You can either click the photos or hire a product photographer to deal with the same. Some factors you need to pay attention to are:


The lighting plays an integral part in the way your product looks. If the lighting is too dark or bright, all product features are not visible. Place different lights at various angles and check the final picture you get to see if the effect is correct.

High res images

As per Amazon, your image specifications should be above 1600 pixels or more. People will not purchase products if their images are blurred or low-quality. It is best to use a high-quality camera to get the ideal pictures.

Amazon has also specified that the product should take up 85% of the image. If you keep a small image, then the product features will not be visible.

Take multiple angles of the same product

The more pictures you take of your product, the better it is. However, the pictures should be from different angles. If you are focused only on one angle, the customer will be confused. He would want to know what the rest of the product looks like.

Add real-life examples of product usage

If you add real-life examples of the way the product is used, it gives the customers ideas. For instance, if you have a kitchen product, you can show a model using it in the kitchen. This gives them an idea of the optimum usage of the product, which boosts the chances of product purchase.

Some must-haves for the Amazon product photography

·  Create a compelling main image– The main image should be such that the customer stops scrolling and has a look at your product. It has to be shot on a white background and not include any text, logos, etc. Also, you cannot use multiple product displays as the main image.

·  Try to add infographics– You can experiment with the rest of the images through text, graphics, etc. Infographics are attention grabbers as they provide all the product features in one place.

·  Include multiple images– Amazon allows up to 7 images of the product. Make use of this limit and incorporate the best images that you have clicked. You can add pictures, angles, and add as much information as possible.

·  Add instructional photos– It is possible that your product needs installation. If you add images of the process or an infographic, it will impress your customers.

·  Use a tripod– Your buyers are not interested in looking at a shaky image. To avoid that blurred effect, place your product on a stable surface or tripod. Use only crisp images as your product impression is formed as per the quality of the image.

·  Don’t place any additional items– It is vital that you maintain transparency with your customer. If you are putting any extra products along with the main item, the customer may think they are a part of the product.

·  Maintain decency norms– Some products, like lingerie, have a different kind of clientele. By adding any immodest pictures of models, you run the chance of getting barred from selling at Amazon. Read their product photography guide before you proceed with the shooting.

Summing up

The product has a higher chance of sales if it impresses the target audience. If you are unable to manage product photography for amazon on your own, you can contact a professional photographer to do so. However, do check their expertise in amazon product photography before signing them up. Only someone who has created image portfolios for products before can give you the right results. With their assistance, the product would get the online traction it rightfully deserves.